If you feel like your home is in need of a fresh look, style update or even a reinvention, then there are lots of things to consider before you start the process. When it comes to home styling, some simple planning and thought at the beginning can ensure that the process is a pleasant experience rather than an expensive hassle.little tired, or dated? If you’re keen to transform the spaces you live.

Here are our 10 must know tips for when you are restyling your home:

  • 1. Budget: This is so important and sometimes the thing people forget to do. If you don’t have a figure in mind from the beginning, then costs can quickly get away from you, and what was supposed to be a small re-styling has become a full-scale development project. Set a price and stick to it.
  • 2. Plan: Without a plan, you are unlikely to completely hit the mark and get the desired results you are after. Map out each room in your home and decide what you want to change, what look and feel you want to capture, which statement pieces you need and how much of the budget you want to spend. Also set a manageable timeline that takes into consideration life, work, kids and other activities – maybe focus on one room a week or month.
  • 3. Theme: A theme is a great way to create consistency and flow throughout a home or a room and it can be the difference between balance and chaos. Match styles with furniture and décor - if you love a particular pattern in an artwork then why not recreate the pattern or style in a rug, cushions or even mugs for the kitchen. The overall theme should reflect your lifestyle, personality and how you want the room to “feel” when people walk in.
  • 4. Light it up: Lighting can have a profoundaffect on a room and be an easy way to create an emotion or style. In already bright spaces use neutral or light colours. Consider lamps or electric candles to instantly create a cozy and warm atmosphere in a darker room. Light coloured window coverings can instantly bring in more light to a room and brighten it up. If purchasing a statement art piece, then make sure where you hang it has enough light – consider lamps to ensure it isn’t hidden away.

  • 5. Accessories: Think candles, clocks, photos, vases, plants, knick-knacks and ornaments - these are a cheap and simple way to give an immediate lift to a room and change style without knocking down walls or changing furniture.
  • 6. Keep It Personal: You don’t always have to buy something – remember art is everywhere so consider creating something yourself or with your family. Think about creating a feature out of old postcards, family photos, your child’s artwork, nature or loved fabrics or a loved ones old clothes. There is nothing more special than using styling, which is completely unique and created with love and memories.

Design Service

  • 7. Try Before You Buy: Where possible try to see the changes before you commit to them. The virtual world is an incredible one and often you can use technology to see into the future. See what different coloured walls or a statement art piece may look like. At Urban Road we can show you what an artwork will look like in your home before you buy it – just send us a photo of the space and we will show you your room with the new artwork in, so you can make sure you have made the right choice. Link to Design Service page.
  • 8. Colour: Selecting the right colours will make your overall style goals much easier to achieve. Colour can bring together a complete look and theme with ease and can be really effective in restyling your home. What mood and feel do you wish to evoke? Bright colours can add energy and fun, darker colours can be more sophisticated and trendy and neutral colours can be more homely and soft. Just stick to around 2-3 colours for each room.
  • 9. Space: You may have big and bold dreams and desires for your home, but of course the space often dictates the style rather than the other way around. Work with the space you have and don’t be afraid to experiment and try different approaches. If you live in an unconventional space then try using design effects, such as mirrors or vertical lines, to create more space or height. If you have an awkward wall space think of creating a gallery effect with lots of different images to add flare and style. If in a rental property use an easel or prop up art rather than damaging walls.

  • 10. Shop Around: Always do some research before committing to restyling - this allows you to compare costs, see what others are doing and get inspired. Research trends and see how you can put your personal spin on them. Also make sure you head to markets, antique fairs and garage sales - you never know what you may find and you could end up saving a fortune. Pinterest is a great source for inspiration, our favourite destination when planning to decorate.