Wallpaper is a simple way you can elevate any room in your home and completely customise it to your aesthetic. Whether it’s a bedroom or living room, wallpaper adds a fun, trendy nature to your space that reflects your personality and style.

Available in a variety of styles, colours and textures, pastel wallpaper creates a welcoming air to any space. Let your walls talk with a loud pattern, or create a soft, gentle environment with a feature wall.

At Urban Road, we offer a beautiful collection of pastel wallpapers in various hues and styles that are all made to order. Make your home truly unique with calming pastel aesthetics. Our pastel wallpaper collection features designs that range from modern and abstract to nature-inspired, so you’re sure to find something that speaks to your style. Whether you choose a bold statement or go for a subtle patterned design, Urban Road’s wallpapers have the perfect touch of charm and playfulness.

We here at Urban Road live and breathe art. From premium art prints and hand painted pieces to statement wallpapers, we aim to deliver quality pieces to art-loving Australians at an affordable price. Browse our range of patterned pastel wallpaper and wallpaper murals online today.

  • What Colours Are Considered to be Pastel?
    Pastel colours come in an endless variety of shades and hues. For a colour to be considered pastel, it needs to be low in saturation with white mixed into it — while still maintaining a soft vibrance. Some popular pastel colours include pink, blue, yellow, green and purple, to name a few.
  • What Styles of Pastel Wallpaper Are There?

    Like any colour of wallpaper, pastel ones come in a variety of different styles. Some of these include:

    Patterned Wallpaper

    Pastel patterned wallpaper brings a calming softness to a room that brighter colours may not provide. Because the colours are muted, patterned pastel wallpaper can be used across all four walls in a room rather than only incorporating it as a statement wall.

    Textured Wallpaper

    For elevated simplicity, a textured pastel wallpaper is the optimal choice. Our Off The Coast Light Faux Seagrass Wallpaper is inspired by the boutique appearance and soft feel of hand-woven seagrass fibres and adds dimension and warmth to your home.

    Mural Wallpaper

    Pastel wallpaper murals are perfect for creating a warm and inviting statement in your home. Full of mesmerising patterns, illustrations and stories, mural wallpaper is perfect for a feature wall in your bedroom or living room.

  • What Art Should I Pair With Pastel Wallpaper?
    The artwork that you choose to adorn your walls with depends on the pastel wallpaper you have chosen. You don’t want to make your walls look too busy; otherwise, your room may appear smaller or cramped.

    If you’ve chosen a plain pastel wallpaper or a very simple pattern, you can add a sharp contrast to liven up the room even further. For instance, a royal blue canvas or print against a pastel wallpaper background can add a colourful, eccentric flair to your home. Alternatively, sticking to a similar colour scheme to your wallpaper can add an element of modern sophistication. Choosing terracotta wall art paired with a pastel coral creates a cohesive colour story, making your home look magnificently cohesive.

    However, if you have opted for a loud wallpaper or a mural statement piece, we recommend skipping the wall art in this room. Let your feature wall speak for itself; there’s no need to layer artwork over the top. Instead, finish the room with a cushion or throw rug to tie the space together.

    Shop Urban Road’s range of pastel wallpaper online today, or browse our wider collection of wallpaper.