Urban Road App


Here at Urban Road, we are proud to offer a diverse catalogue of artwork that's created to suit every need, style, and setting. As one of Australia's leading art retailers, we understand the importance of visualising artwork in your space before purchasing, and want to make sure that you end up with the picture-perfect piece for your home! 

Which is exactly why we've developed this nifty little app that allows you to see our artworks on your walls.

Simply choose some artwork from our diverse range, pick your framing option, colour and size, and et voilà - it will magically appear in your picture.

Plus, when you’re ready to purchase your artwork…

You’ll be taken to our easy-to-use checkout process on our website.

Amazing, right? We thought so too!


Download the app free in the App Store and Google Play now.



Please note:

Colours can look different depending on the lighting in the room, just like in real life.

On Android devices, there could be variations due to screen technology & settings.

For more precise results, Apple devices are preferable, benefiting from standardized specifications across their product range.


Here are some suggestions for enhancing your user experience with our App:

Ensure your room is well lit with natural lighting to begin with.

Use AR primarily as a guide for placement & styling only.

For more accurate colour representation of prints, it's recommended to consult our website's photos in a standard setting.

The AR experience is expected to enhance gradually as Google & Apple integrate more AR-centric features into their device hardware.