About Us

About Us


The Urban Road story starts in 2010, when artist and illustrator Suzie Atkin set out to do something nobody in the Australian art market was doing: make unique high-quality art accessible to everyday art-loving Australians.

Back in 2010 when wide format printing cost a bomb and finding large oversize artwork was very difficult and extremely expensive, Suzie saw an opportunity to offer large canvas prints at an affordable price, with her passion for creating beautiful art she started Urban Road. The company has evolved a lot since then to offer a larger range of products, however, art is still our passion and creating and curating pieces that our customers will love is what drives us to keep moving forward. 

Three years later, operations and product development expert Mishelle joined as a co-owner. Together, Suzie, Mishelle, and the Urban Road team have dedicated their time and energy to giving thousands of customers the outstanding art-buying experience you know and love today. After over a decade of serving more than 20,000 customers our focus is still on introducing new ways of giving our customers the best art shopping experience.

One thing that hasn’t changed over the years is our commitment to our customers’ happiness. This drives everything we do: the unique art we create and curate, the innovative View in Room mobile app for previewing art in your home, and our super-fast and super-friendly customer service. We’re only satisfied when you’re delighted not just with the artwork itself, but with your Urban Road shopping experience.

Our aesthetic moves with the times and is ever evolving, that's why we are called Urban Road, design is a journey that is always changing and never comes to an end. Like a long well-traveled road.

We have been creating and curating art for over 10 years, we get inspiration from seasonal colour palettes, the old masters of art from times gone by and interior trends of today and the past. Looking back through vintage magazines, and design periods throughout history is a favorite pastime.

As a growing business, the desire to expand and introduce products that complement our wall art was very strong. Introducing cushions that we can work back with the wall art was the obvious first step, followed by wallpaper and wall murals, then we thought, well why not just create the whole room? Our passion for interiors and desire to make all things beautiful keeps wanting to create more and more.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know us. We’d love to have you join us as our story continues!












Suzie is Urban Road’s very own creative genius and chief boundary pusher with impeccable Michael Jackson music knowledge.

Workign alongside the Art Director is responsible for honing all of the world’s creative energy into beautiful artworks and making magic happen season after season. She is always up skilling, and learning more about the latest trends in technology. She enjoys pushing the boundaries of what's possible, and is always looking for ways to do things better. In her spare time, when shes not spending it with her family, relaxing watching Netflix, shes' designing new collections or constantly exploring new opportunites for UR.

You can always expect a smile from Suzie and a warm welcome to Urban Road.

Fav Artwork:

The Queen's Court



Mishelle is at the helm of the Urban Road ship, navigating through up to 10 excel spreadsheets at one time. She’s the backbone of the business with the biggest dōTERRA collection you've ever seen.

She has been working in the industry for years, and has an extensive knowledge of the industry and she multitasks like a boss, making sure everything runs like a well-oiled, yet aesthetically pleasing, machine. When you speak to her you immediately feel at ease, as she is a very warm and friendly person. She works all hours of the day, answering phones and emails, making sure everything runs smoothly. She is also one of the main reasons why Urban Road runs so smoothly. Mishelle loves what she does and works tirelessly. Get in contact about a project you are working on today!

Fav Artwork:




Andrea is a lover of linen, iced lattes and all things interior design. She's a master at visual storytelling and works her magic to create anything and everything related to the look and feel of Urban Road, including new product ranges. She is the glue that holds our marketing and creative teams together, while also managing our data team. Andrea's favorite part of the day is when she gets to work on new campaigns, from sourcing new materials, planning shoots, and styling products, her hands are constantly busy. A true visual storyteller, Andrea works hard to share her love for the brand with our audience so you can get the Urban Road look in your home. On the lookout for the best design and styling advice? She’s your go-to gal.

Fav Artwork:

Petals II



Deb is our Jill-of-all-trades. When she’s not whipping out random facts about the greatest Rock’n’Roll bands, or dropping a dad joke or two from her repertoire, she oversees all our integrations, and workflow automations.

Basically, Deb is aware of any and all of our operational requirements – you can trust she won't miss a single beat. All this work usually keeps Deb up to her elbows in emails and spreadsheets. Lucky she’s one tough cookie!

Deb lives for any challenge and is always up for a new idea. She works hard to make sure we’re on top of everything and helps us with any project we have. She knows the company inside and out and we trust her with all our needs!

Fav Artwork:

Racecourse Beach



Meet Melody, our resident E-Commerce Coordinator extraordinaire here at Urban Road HQ. If there’s one person you want by your side for all things online, it’s her. She’s the master of managing our platforms and ensuring our online presence is well-rounded (or in other words, nothing short of fabulous).

Not only does she have a knack for the digital world, but she’s also an avid beachcomber who enjoys collecting a seashell or three along the shore.

And let’s not forget her love of coffee – it’s practically her fuel for all her digital wizardry.

Fav Artwork:

Delilah Dancing



When she’s not checking out the latest local gallery exhibition, you’ll find Lara working hard at Urban Road HQ developing and maintaining strong customer relationships, all while bringing her fun, creative energy to our offices with her love for all-things art.

Between responding to wholesale customer service enquiries, relationship management, brand messaging, and product delivery, Lara is always on the lookout to try something new – especially if that involves a new creative workshop (or several).

Beach lover, dog lover, and one super-keen globetrotter, Lara is as passionate as they come, bringing a wealth of knowledge in wholesale, retail and ecommerce environments to make every customer experience one they’ll never forget.

Fav Artwork:

Magic Mountain Canvas



Brightening up our offices with a big smile and chai latte in hand, Noelle keeps everything customer-related running in tip-top shape. Noelle’s role means she’s extra busy with retail customer service, where you’ll find her responding to retail enquiries and processing orders. She also has a hand in assisting with our New Collections process, as well as with front-end updates. No matter what she’s working on throughout the day, Noelle makes it her mission to enhance customer experience - making sure everyone is happy and satisfied.

Amongst her busy schedule here at UR, Noelle fits in her love for Pilates, sunshine soaking sessions, and a spontaneous trip or two.

Fav Artwork:

Water & Earth I




Maree is our Sales Executive extraordinaire at Urban Road, where her knack for new business shines. She's a whizz at sniffing out prospects, generating leads, and managing relationships that turn one-time buyers into lifelong clients. Maree's sales strategies are as inventive as they are effective, all delivered with her signature blend of creativity and grit.

Off the clock, she's all about family, has an eye for fabulous earrings, loves a good volley on the tennis court, and never says no to a great cup of coffee. Maree's approach isn't just about selling—it's about connecting, one happy customer at a time.

Fav Artwork:

Painted Blooms



A true AFL buff and camping expert, Chris is our Warehouse & Supply Chain Manager who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his role. His dedication to planning and organising our warehouse is second to none, where he works hard to maintain a safe workplace for everyone. Chris is a master-multitasker. On the daily, you’ll find him coordinating the arrival of containers, implementing and developing processes, forecasting demand reporting and raising purchase orders, and improving cost efficiencies. On top of all that, Chris also handles inventory control and stock management.

As well as catching us up on the latest footy games, Chris shares his love for animals and dabbling in the world of true crime.

Fav Artwork:

Calm Before The Storm



Introducing Meg, our HQ Photographer, infusing vitality into each image through her meticulous styling, shooting, and skillful image processing (guided by Andrea).

Beyond her camera, she revels in herbal tea and dried mango, possesses a penchant for margaritas and vegetarian delicacies, and works magic as a social media virtuoso, all while treasuring her dear ones – from beloved dogs and boyfriend to cherished niece and nephew.


Warehouse Team Warehouse Team



Meet the heartbeat of Urban Road – our dedicated warehouse & production team.
Nestled in the bustling engine room of our business this passionate crew transforms creativity into reality. With meticulous precision, they orchestrate the logistics & craftsmanship that bring our stunning artworks & homewares to life. Their meticulous attention to detail guarantees that each finely crafted frame & precisely packaged item embodies Urban Road's unwavering commitment to quality, providing pieces of art that grace homes worldwide.
Outside the realms of artistry & logistics, this vibrant team springs into action. Chris is a dedicated American football fan, Cam showcases his vocal talents, Mitch passionately follows basketball, Daniel grooves to hip hop beats, Greg is an NRL enthusiast, Matt enjoys cruising on his motorbike, Erin captures the beauty of nature through photography, & Joe is an avid AFL follower who loves jamming with his band.

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