We're mad for velvet, so we're breaking down the top ways that you can incorporate it into your space.


We are just loving the velvet trend that has been hitting the interwebs hard this Winter. It's the perfect way to bring a little luxe, a little glamour, and a whole lot of sophistication to any space. Because it's renowned for being the fabric choice of, you know, royalty, it means that this beautiful textile is often neglected by the everyday household. Here's the good news - Urban Road's range of cushions and throws uses polyester velvet, making them machine washable and as durable as they come.


Ok, gushing over, let's get down to business. We've taken (most of) the scariness out of styling this beautiful fabric in this handy little guide, featuring some of our favourite velvet themed tips and tricks. Read on, and then go forth and conquer - we can't wait to see what you come up with!



Just like a good dessert, velvet's power is ever intensified through layering. Start with your trusty staple - a couch or bed or chair that you love, and then stack it up. Drape throws, lay rugs and pile those cushions! Is there anything more truly comfortable and inviting than a scrumptious pile of velvet? I think not!



Velvet loves company - its soft and touchable texture means that it is perfect for mixing and matching with other fabrics and materials. You can change up the intensity by varying fabric choices across different sized items. To create a more luxe, soft and comfortable feel, use velvet in your larger decor pieces - our oversized cushions and throws are perfect for this. If it's more of a Scandi feel you're after, mix leatherette cushions in with monotone graphic cotton printed cushions, and add your touch of velvet in lighter neutral shades, like our gorgeous Sahara cushion (available in circle, square and oversized velvet). Experimenting with different textural combos is a super easy way to create interest in your space, and is the perfect way to change up your styling to make sure your velvet is always looking on trend.



If you can match your handbag with your shoes, then you can certainly match your velvet with its surroundings. Our favourite (super easy!) trick is to start with a beautiful feature artwork, and then pull accent colours from it to emphasise with velvet pieces. This creates effortless cohesion within the room, transforming a statement artwork piece into a statement room. If you really want to kick it up a notch, weave the colour way into your wall colours for a super moody look, or bring it into your bed linen for a softer, airier feel.


So now you know how easy it is to do, go out and do it! Click here to head over to our decor page on the website - we've got a whole bunch of velvet goodies just perfect for fuelling your new obsession.


Happy Shopping!


- The UR Team