Now more than ever, art is fully accessible and available to everyone, and at Urban Road we think, “So it should be”. If you are thinking about showcasing some art in your home but are unsure where to start on the selecting, buying and displaying journey, then we hope our top ten tips on choosing art for your home will help make that process a little simpler.

Love it: One of the most important factors when choosing art for your home. You simply cannot buy for someone else’s tastes or likes or because it is “on trend”. Remember you are the one who will have to look at it everyday. Trust your instincts on what you want to see in your home, and think, in 12 months will it still move you, the way it did the first time you saw it.

Educate Yourself: If you feel your home is in need of an injection of art, then firstly you need to be sure what it is you like and also what you don’t like. Try to visit as many galleries and art spaces as possible so that you can really understand what tickles your artistic fancy and inspires you. You will soon see a style and taste develop.

Be Open: For most people, art in the home still conjures up an image of a painting in a large frame. But, we have come a long way from those days and there are so many wonderful alternatives to paintings – plus they are likely to be slightly easier on the bank balance too. Consider prints, photographs, sculptures, silkscreens, collages, vintage posters and lithographs.

Size and Scale: Of course you need to love the art, but it also needs to blend and compliment your home and interior design. So it’s pretty important to consider where it will go and how it will work with the current décor and ambiance. We have discussed in detail before the importance of getting the size and proportions of the art piece right, and also of choosing the best space for it to live.

Colour: Colour can play a major role in creating flow within a room. Artwork that has a hint of the rooms theme, style or colour scheme will work really well and create a pleasing effect. Subtle is the key; too much matching and the affect will seem forced.

Budget: This is very important – especially if you are heading to an auction – as you want to enjoy the art, not stress about how much it cost and what other bills you could have paid with the money. If you have a clear budget from the start, then you can plan out how much you are willing to spend in each room, so each space gets the attention it deserves.


Content: The content of the image of course will play a pivotal role in where it is best suited in the home – you probably don’t want images of sadness or suffering in a happy social area such as above the family dining table. Equally, a calming tranquil image may be best in the bedroom, rather than a work or exercise space. Think about what feeling the image is conveying and the energy it gives off, then work out where you want to showcase that feeling and energy.

Hang and Light: It is so vital to get both of these right, so that your chosen art pieces get the love and care they need to be at their full potential. If hung incorrectly then that will become the focal point and if you cannot see the image then what is the point in having it.


Get Online: You don’t know what you don’t know, so get online and research things such as pricing, latest trends, new ways of displaying art and styling tricks and tips you may not have thought of. Plus research different local artists on places like Instagram and Pinterest – you may just find an artist you fall in love with, and then you can seek out their work and start a fabulous new collection to wow your family and friends.

Enjoy: It is important to learn as you go and then you will see your passion and knowledge grow. It is such a joyous thing discovering new art and adding some colour and culture to your home. Make it social and share the pieces with family and friends and they will love your newfound excitement and enthusiasm. Perhaps you could even have your very own “gallery opening night”.

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