Quick Tips For Decorating in a Small Space

Urban Road   >  21 September 2016

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Sometimes those who live or work in a small space are told to think small in terms of scale and décor, especially when it comes to selecting and hanging art. However, we believe when it comes to art and décor, going big and bold in a small space could create that perfect look - and amazing impact - you have been dreaming about.

Here are some quick fire tips and tricks for decorating and hanging art in small spaces. We wanted to bust some myths and offer practical advice on how to enhance your space regardless of the size.

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There are so many ways to be creative and expressive through art, and living in a smaller space shouldn’t be seen as a negative. Ultimately you will know what works in the space you have, and the most important rule everyone must follow when thinking about art and home décor in whatever space, is you must love it!

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