Art prints are the perfect way to add a touch of luxury to any home decor style.
These masculine art prints, however, go beyond ordinary.

With Father’s Day coming up why not surprise the special men in your life with some artwork that draws you in?



Masculine art prints are a great addition to any home decor.

There’s something special about big, bold, and thoughtfully designed art pieces.
They can take a room from ordinary to extraordinary in just a few seconds.
We believe masculine art can belong in every room and can suit a magnitude of styles.



Masculine does not always equal dark

The idea of what constitutes a masculine or feminine art piece is in the eye of the beholder.
Typically, masculine art has the notion of being dark and moody, but this is not always the case.
We’ve curated what we think is our favourite masculine pieces and how to style them in every room.


Masculine art prints in a living room

A trend that stands the test of the time is the vintage old Hollywood photography aesthetic.

Choose your favourite black and white photography pieces and in different sizes to incorporate into your living room space.
Black and white artwork is great because you can really work with any colour scheme or go completely monochromatic for a cohesive look.

To bring a bit of warmth back to the room we suggest walnut or oak colours as they pair well with darker colours.


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Vintage Leather Canvas Art Print

Jet Setter Canvas Art Print


Masculine art prints in a bedroom

When it comes to the bedroom it all depends on the kind of feeling you want to convey through your decor and art,
as this needs to be a room you can relax in.

Abstract and minimalistic art is great way to bring masculine tones to a bedroom.
This can be achieved from knowing your bedrooms colour palette, picking an art piece that will bring out a certain colour,
or bring in a pop of colour to contrast.
Masculine art doesn’t have to always be dark in colour, brighter colours work great against a darker backdrop.


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Ready for takeoff


Masculine art prints in a study room

Whether it’s a space for creativity, or a space that needs ultimate concentration and focus, art can influence our moods in massive ways.
In study areas people tend to go for more simplistic artworks that won’t be super distracting.

A great option for masculine study rooms is to pick a theme.

Whether that be sports, boats, animals, or a certain colour, carry that throughout the art.

Don’t just stop at one framed artwork, go for a theme by having more than 2 prints that decorate a specific area of the room.
This is also a great way to take up boring blank wall space that wasn’t doing anything. 



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Clue Art Print

Benz Poster

On a Roll Poster

Maverick Poster

Runaway Rhonda Poster


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For Father’s Day we have created a special Father’s range so you can show your appreciation in art form.

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