Cosy nights in and hot drinks are mainstays of wintertime, and as the weather cools,

our interior colour palette changes.


It’s time to swap out burnt autumnal hues for crisper, more muted tones that are on-trend this season. 

Refined accents and inspired accessories breathe new life into your living room, bedroom, and beyond.


Here are the top three interior colour trends for winter 2021 – and how to incorporate them into your home. 



Trend 1: Iced vanilla 

Most Australians don’t experience snow in the winter months,
but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream, right?

Crisp, cool, and oh-so-contemporary, iced vanilla is the neutral of the season. 


This creamy, off-white tone is the ideal complement to Hamptons and modern farmhouse styles.
And because it’s an unassumingly chic neutral, it pairs effortlessly with your existing décor. 


Add iced vanilla into your living room by swapping out your bolder wall art for a unique, monochromatic design.
Or, mix delicate vanilla with a bold, bright, cool-toned colour like electric blue. 


In the bedroom, incorporate iced vanilla the cosy way – with a soft, plush cushion cover.



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Trend 2: Mulled wine 


Speaking of hot drinks,

this next trend will have you thinking of sugar and spice and all things nice. 


Mulled wine is a jewel tone that sits somewhere between rich burgundy and luscious plum.


It evokes opulence and luxury, making it an ideal choice for those that prefer a bohemian or eclectic interior design style. 


You may not be ready for floor-to-ceiling purple, but art prints lend themselves to this colour trend.

Look for designs that combine mulled wine with other deep colours like emerald, gold, and slate. 


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Trend 3: Olive leaf 


Autumn may traditionally be the time for clays, cognacs, and siennas,

but the earthy hues trend is here to stay in winter 2021, too.


Olive leaf is the colour in question, and its unexpected sophistication elevates any room in the home. 


Olive goes hand-in-hand with ever-popular mid-century modern design.

Think geometric prints, sleek lines, low profiles, natural materials, and uncluttered surfaces.

Experiment with a bold wall print or textured throw cushion. 


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