Looking to bring a touch of resort-style luxury to your home?

Then the Hamptons interior trend is just the thing for you!


Intersecting elegant, coastal vibes and classic, sophisticated designs, the Hamptons style originated in the beachside holiday homes of New York’s Long Island elite. The light, fresh and airy palette of white-washed timber, deep ocean blue, and neutral beige and brown allows the style to translate seamlessly into Australian homes.




Mums of little ones block your ears now, because in order to fully embrace the Hamptons trend, you cannot be afraid of white! A white foundation is uncompromisable and provides the fundamental element to build all your other styling choices upon.

Not only is it super easy to match to, but it also represents the characteristics of Hamptons style as a whole – harmonious, peaceful, clean, bright and fresh. Ground the space with organic elements like rattan, wicker, and marble.




When choosing accent colours for your space, try to steer away from warmer tones, and instead add warmth by playing with and layering textures.

If you’re after a more classic Hamptons look, then definitely stick to tones that are within the blue spectrum – anything from deep ocean, to duck egg will fit the brief!

If you’re looking for a more modern take on the coastal trend, then don’t be afraid to venture further into experimenting with some more grounding tones, like neutral beige, or mid-toned brown. You’ll get a bit more of a sophisticated, grown-up take on it all.




While a white room filled with mainly white furniture will always make a space appear bigger, try not to take away from all your hard work by cluttering up your space with too many elements or knick-knacks. Be considered with your styling choices, and keep it minimal.

Be creative and add depth by layering throws and cushions in a similar colour family, and then adding an accent piece in the form of a patterned cushion. Light florals, subtle stripes, lattice and a carefully considered lace are bang on choices.




When it comes to choosing the right artwork to match your Hamptons interiors, you want to ensure that whatever design you decide upon reflects the relaxed, calming, coastal tones and themes of the trend, without being too overt. Seascapes, sea-life portraiture, vintage diagrams and watercolour illustrations help to bring a touch of seaside charm indoors.

For a more classic, feminine look, opt instead for imagery of ginger jars or soft florals. If you’re a lover of abstract art, then perhaps dive into a bold, geometric pattern, and pair it up with a white matt board to keep it looking simple and clean.