When it comes to eclectic styling, the basic rule is:

There are no rules!

In fact, in most cases, the bigger, brighter, and busier the better!


Surprising, and completely outside-of-the-box, eclectic style interiors personify individuality and freedom,

borrowing freely from other styles and trends to create a harmonious culmination of ideas and inspiration to suit each space.



Don’t be afraid of, well, pretty much anything! Experiment with variation and layering, and mix framing sizes and colours to create visual interest.


Create harmony between key pieces by carrying a core colour scheme throughout the space.


Consider the importance of balance and composition. Take a step back when adding styling elements to get a look at the overall ‘big picture’.




Fabric and texture play a huge role in bringing variations and layers to your space.

Our velvet and digital print cushions are made to mix and match with each other perfectly to really amp up the look and feel of a room.