This Earth Day, we thought it would only be fitting to call upon some of Mother Nature’s most precious and beautiful gifts as a source for interior inspiration.



Our earth is like a canvas – the oceans, skies and land painted upon it like a breathtaking work of art. It’s an endless source of inspiration for artists, providing limitless opportunities for you to bring tiny pieces of nature into your home in the form of unique and beautiful artwork pieces. 




Our top tips to nail the natural look in your home: 


  1. Stick to a warm, earthy colour palette.
    If you want to add pops of colour, draw inspiration from nature – rusty earth tones, sage green, deep blue, mustard and even turquoise and aqua to reflect the jewel-toned sea. 

  2. Indoor plants are a must!
    If you’ve got a black thumb, then spend some time researching hardy, easy-to-maintain plant types. Experiment with different heights and shapes, and use different shaped vessels to create a layered effect.

  3. Natural light is your friend.
    Open the blinds and let the light pour in, and use sheers to softly diffuse bright spaces. 

  4. Experiment with natural materials.
    Build upon your neutral palette by introducing texture through raw, natural elements like rattan, timber or cotton.

  5. Experiment with artwork.
    You have a few options with your artwork choices – you can either be literal, choosing to display artwork featuring a natural subject, like trees, plants, flowers and animals. Another way to get the natural look with artwork is to extend upon the colours and textures of your room, choosing pieces that feature flowing lines, organic shapes and an earthy colour palette. 



 Perhaps some of the truest representations of the beauty of earth, Amanda’s latest pieces are grounded, earthy and textural.

Drawing inspiration from the sacred Dreaming time, the artworks depict the time when life began, and the earth was created.


Creeks, rivers and mountains are formed, the land is shaped, and people and animals are born. 






These pieces represent the sacred bond that the Aboriginal people feel with their land, acknowledging the beauty and history of stories passed down through time.