When it comes to interior design, we often find ourselves asking the same question,

time and time again – form or function?



With our at-home environment ever changing and evolving, especially given the changes that last year forced upon us,

what was once a place for rest and relaxation now embodies a living environment of family, work and play,

urging us to walk a blurry line between business and pleasure, beautification and practicality, function and form.



With a homely aesthetic, Retreat draws on a nostalgic mix of comfort and security.




As work and home lives continue to blur, our spaces need to upgrade and evolve to become a hybrid of functionality.

Balance your palette with authentic earthy textures, like stained timber and sustainably-sourced materials.

Invoke warmth, comfort and nostalgia by accessorising and finishing your space with well-loved personal items.







Focus on shapes in your furniture and architectural choices that are simple and useful,

but be careful to not head too far down the path of stark, clinical and overly minimal.





Use this opportunity to create a space that will cultivate creativity, inspire motivation and encourage innovation.

Express yourself through accessories and inspiring artwork, blending a stylish home office into a

place where you can experience comfort and security.