With one whole month of the New Year now under our belts, we’re feeling more ready than ever to shake the dust of 2020 off our feet, and welcome in the new normal with open arms. While life is certainly a little slower for most of us, we want to take every opportunity to enjoy the quiet moments and focus on building new connections with those around us. Reset combines the old and familiar, with the fresh and renewed, encouraging us to rediscover vivid recollections and adventures hidden within our walls and memories.


A subtle playful retro influence can be seen in styling and colour combinations. Stay upbeat with the stronger colours in the Reset palette. Bolder tones lift interiors to brighten your outlook, and vibrant pops of fun retro colour hint at 70s nostalgia. Let go of traditional styling rules and conventions, and allow a more eclectic mix of old and new to mesh together, creating a happy space that will energise your home



Embrace your innate desire to be a little sentimental, and infuse your furniture choices with found objects and personal mementos to add character and warmth to your interior. To encourage a sense of family living, make sure your furniture is functional, durable and generous in shape and form. Add comfort, texture and a pop of colour by layering up quilted fabrics in warm, rich red or deep teal tones.

Utilise a neutral white tone as your base – it’s versatile and harmonises beautifully with a variety of surfaces, giving you the ability to balance cool concrete against warm timber.





Blur the lines of where your interior meets your exterior, with the help of lush botanicals, eclectic furniture, and timber materials. Encourage visual continuity by maximising on natural light, and engaging a delicate, earth toned colour palette of soft, sage green, and warm beige.