We’re living in the midst of a global pandemic, which means that now - more than ever - we’re dealing with the pressures of life in a digitally over-saturated environment. Between the endless scrolling to catch up on news, state-wide lockdowns of varying degrees, a steady stream of Zoom meetings and FaceTime calls, and the stresses of working and schooling from home, some simple pleasures feel like very distant memories for most. We find ourselves craving fresh air, time spent outdoors - surrounded by nature, a sense of familiarity, and the general state of calm, peace and normality that was once perhaps a daily occurrence, but has now been replaced with fear, worry and uncertainty.


For all of the weary souls among us, the Nourish trend is the soothing balm that invites you to slowly breathe life and normalcy back into your world. Nourish encourages us to unplug and be present in the moment – kick off your shoes and walk barefoot through the green grass, feel the warm, golden sunshine on your skin. Indulge in a nurturing palette that revitalises your home and nourishes the soul.



Drawing on nature, and the harmonious and grounded balance of tactility and comfort it provides, Nourish looks to rounded forms and soft objects to blend the identity between décor and furniture. With a renewed appreciation for natural beauty, complement your home with simple, textural and nurturing hues and admire your tranquil surrounds.




Starting with soft, natural hues as your baseline for a calming and flexible colour palette, gradually layer textures and earthy tones, and encourage moments of stillness with the addition of more soothing colours. Welcome a true connection to nature in your home by experimenting with mossy, sage greens, turmeric and sage hues. Juxtapose the natural warmth of timber against your soothing colour palette to provide a balancing rustic feel, or experiment with lighter furnishings for a more playful use of colour.