When it comes to displaying beautiful art in a common space, we say - the bigger, the better! There's no easier way to make an impact, or transform the look and feel of a room, than upsizing your artwork choices. Don't worry if you find the idea of living large a little daunting, because we've outlined a few of our top tips and tricks for styling our largest premium art pieces below. 


FEATURED ARTWORKS: Flourish | Isometric | Ink Flowers II  


This might seem like an obvious point, but the first thing to consider when buying big is your artwork choice! You need to make sure that you choose an artwork that you not only absolutely adore right now, but will love seeing in the future as well. Don't be afraid to choose a piece with bold colours or quirky subject matter, but if it's going to be placed in a spot where you'll be entertaining or relaxing, then try and steer away from anything too chaotic or angry. Because of the scale of the artwork, you should treat it like a piece of statement furniture - move it around the room, adding and subtracting other items and pieces until you get the balance of the room just right. Remember - nobody puts Baby in the corner! You didn't buy an oversized artwork to hide it away. Let it draw attention, positioning your space so that the artwork is the focal point, and using other pieces to frame it. Stack it on top of low cabinets to create a sense of hierarchy, or if you're a fan of changing your space up regularly, lean it against walls for a more casual statement. 


FEATURED ARTWORKS: Heatwave | Arabesque Smoke 


What's better than one piece of artwork? Two pieces of artwork, of course! Ramp up the depth and dimension of your oversized artwork by layering smaller pieces in front of, or around it. Consider colour, subject and texture when choosing complementary artworks, and don't be afraid to mix and match your framing options. Try to avoid going overboard with all of your artworks from the same category - if your statement artwork is a really detailed abstract piece, then try and pick a smaller, photographic piece with a pared-back colour palette to complement it. Mix up the way that you display the pieces too - hang, lean and stack until you get the feel that you're after. By placing a smaller artwork in the foreground, you can soften the impact of larger pieces and create dimension. 


FEATURED ARTWORKS: Gumnut | Monkey Mia


Because of the scale of the pieces, you should consider oversized art a bit like a feature wall - it sets the colour palette for the whole space, so you should use it as the pivot point for the rest of your decor choices. Pick your statement piece, and then slowly work the palette into the other pieces in your space, making sure the colours are consistent and balanced. Consider the mood you want to create and pick an artwork with a palette to match - for tranquility, pick blues and greys; for fresh, naturally lit spaces, try green or brown; and for spaces to entertain in, go bold with moodier tones. Try not to be too matchy-matchy with your colours, be brave and branch out with pops of contrasting colours for interest, or play it safe and choose different tones of the same colour, grounding it with a deeper neutral shade.



So, now that you're equipped to style your oversized artwork, what are you waiting for?! Head over to our Premium Art page and start shopping - we can't wait to see what you create.