Picnics and sunny outings were mainstay of Spring but as we are staying home 
more often these days it’s time to bring the blooming flowers from the outdoors to the indoors.

This season, we move away from cool muted palettes as Spring introduces zesty, cheerful, 
and vibrant colours that’s sure to breathe a breath of fresh air into your interiors.

Incorporate these trends into your living space with our top three interior colour trends for spring 2021.






As we celebrate the coming of Spring with more greenery, bring this beautiful natural palette from outside into your home.


Deep and fresh, Olive leaf is the earthy colour you need this season. 
This green tone complements Modern farmhouses and Bohemian-designed homes.

It's perfect for every room in the house lending a tropical and eclectic feel to these 
spaces and because the colour is muted and organic, it can pair effortlessly with your existing décor. 


This Spring, to experiment with Olive Leaf tones add our gorgeous hand-painted
artwork titled Mint, Lime and Oranges to give that earthy vibe to your space.

Pair this painting with muted colours and add a touch of softness with our
blush pink oversized cushion and vanilla boucle cushion to complete the space.




Olive Green Boucle Cushion

Organic Square Cushion 

 Mint, Lime and Oranges 

Olive Green Mini Hand Painted Canvas






Spring brings with it, new life and a celebration of this feeling is perfectly encapsulated by the colour Blush Pink.

This trend is showing no signs of slowing and furthermore, it's more than just a trendy colour. 
A Blush Pink palette captures a mixture of both strength and sensitivity.

From statement artworks to key decor pieces with subtle accents, bringing Blush Pink 
into your living room has never been easier.

If you are looking to add a touch of subtle femininity to your walls, our Still Life artwork, 'A Cup of Tea' is just the piece.

The Blush tones will pop if you style this artwork with our Mulled Burgundy and Deep Peony cushion. 
It's a match made in heaven!



Cup of Tea

Mulled Burgundy Boucle Cushion 

Deep Peony Lumbar Cushion 



Spring is a celebration of the Earth coming alive once more and what a perfect tribute than a colour like Caramel Dream.  
Caramel Dream brings a warm sense of indulgence. It has versatile shades that bring 
characteristics of guilty pleasures and sweet intentions into any space.  

A versatile warm shade, Carmel Dream can be partnered with Modern Farmhouses, 
Bohemian and Scandinavian interior design styles to name a few.
Inviting tones and honey hues perfectly describe this cosy yet indulgent trend. 
You can pair it back or find textured counterparts that will add interest to your space. 

Create a warming space with 'Bowl of Oranges' and Neutral Protea Canvas Art Print. 
This adaptable pairing lends itself as a warm neutral which will perfectly complement any walls.

Decor additions of boucle cushions will add more depth and character to your space to complete the look.





Natural Clay Boucle Cushion

Cognac Brown Boucle Cushion 

Neutral Protea Canvas Art Print

Bowl of Oranges