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DNA of Design House 02 Takes a Stylish Turn with Urban Road

Andy and Deb from DNA of Design, has taken center stage in another home renovation journey.

Inspired by the wabi - sabi philosophy, this home renovation project has captivated the attention of Interior Addicts, an influential voice in Australian interior design.

Urban Road pieces have seamlessly elevated both the functionality and aesthetics of Andy and Deb's kitchen to laundry transformation.


The Perfect Touch of Ancient Elegance in Your Laundry Area

In their recent renovation, Andy and Deb from The Block incorporated Rodhe Ceramic Vessel into their laundry area




Style and comfort in the Kitchen

A key element in any home transformation is the selection of furniture that combines style and comfort.




Andy and Deb have beautifully showcased our products' timeless beauty and functionality.

Their transformation of House 02 is a testament to their shared passion for exceptional design.

We thank Andy and Deb for selecting our products to accompany them on their remarkable journey.

We eagerly anticipate witnessing how our pieces will continue to inspire others! Shop DNA of Design Favourites here!

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