Petra Meikle de Vlas is a Mixed Media Artist who's work ranges from a combination of Fine Art, Abstract to Impressionism with the use of many mediums.
She is an artist who lives and breathes her craft, thrives on breaking the rules, taking risks, constantly perfecting techniques and exploring new ideas. 



Petra lives and works on her beautiful rainforest property in Far North Queensland - Cairns, enjoying The Great Barrier Reef as a major source of inspiration and reference for her incredible work.  She was recently awarded the winner of - Art Lovers People’s Choice Prize 2020

Her art has also been seen • The Block 2019 • Home Design Magazine • The Cairns Aquarium • My Modern Met • Art People 



This collection represents the effects of reactions between mixed mediums. The power of the chemistry between these pigments carried by different mediums, attracting or repelling each other resulting in interesting formations.



Every new piece made is a collaboration of many experiments, techniques learned and effects stumbled upon, through many years of experience as she harnesses and manipulates the different mediums to create her art. We're so proud to have Petra as one of our Featured Artists - Watch her creating magic below.