What is abstract art?

Abstract art strives to break away from traditional representation of physical objects. It explores the relationships of forms and colours, whereas more traditional art represents the world in standard and recognisable images.

Abstract art is the freest style of art; it’s meaning is solely in based on the viewer’s perception and feelings. It can mean completely different things to each person that looks at it. Quite often with an abstract painting, no one really fully knows or understands the artist’s true intentions or meaning, which allows for endless debate, thought and conversation. Which - let's be honest - is the true point of art.

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So how do you select the right abstract piece for your home?

Essentially you don’t. In fact, you could say that it is the other way around, and the art selects you. That is what is so fascinating about abstract art; it is purely based on an emotional level and emotive response. Now don’t get us wrong, we fully understand that abstract art isn’t for everyone, some simply just don’t see the relevance of it or they even strongly dislike it. But, that is an emotive response also, so the image still serves its purpose, as it makes you think and feel on a subconscious level.


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What are the rules for displaying abstract art?

As they say, “the rules are, there ain’t no rules”. Choosing abstract art can feel intimidating and you can start to question yourself about what you should and shouldn’t like. The truth is, and the beauty of abstract art is that because it is purely emotive, there are no rules to follow. Trust your feelings and listen to them and stand by what you like and don’t, there is no right answer. If an image speaks to you, then it has penetrated into your heart and should be displayed with love in your home. As for displaying in your home, again follow your feelings; you will know instinctively where something fits and where it doesn’t.

The most important thing is to display with confidence. If you feel the piece isn’t appropriate for a certain room, then keep it for a more private space. The latest trend in home décor is moving away from open plan, to closed areas and private nooks and crannies. You could even create your very own abstract art hideaway, where you can bask in your cool artistic expression.

Most of all enjoy abstract art and never lose your interest and intrigue.

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