If you had to choose the cosiest kind of interior style, which one would you pick?

For us, it’s country styling. Much like farmhouse interior style, modern country interior styling is all about bringing the rustic vibes of the countryside, yet keeping a modern, sleek edge.
This is what makes it so versatile for any home, as you can easily bring it into your space with a few key pieces.
On the other hand, it’s no secret that this style is tricky to pull off (enter The Block 2022).


How can you make sure to avoid all those countryside clichés?

For all The Block fans out there, you’ve probably noticed just how popular country styling has become this year.
Many of the couples from The Block managed to do so well and we know you've been wanting to try out this style.
With this emerging trend making its mark on the interior design scene, we’re here to help you bring all the cosy, contemporary country vibes into your own home.