Whether you live in a converted space that offers up unusual and unconventional wall spaces, or maybe you are simply bored of the traditional landscape and portrait paintings over the fireplace and dining table. There are loads of ways to spice up your space, without it looking unplanned and bizarre.

We discuss four areas to consider when tackling hanging art in unusual places in your home. When done correctly, the result wont just look awesome, but it will positively lift and enhance the room, space and you.


Don’t let a strange shape or difficult to reach space put you off hanging art – every space has its perfect art match. If you have a difficult space such as stairs that looks unloved, but a large single painting wouldn’t work, then think of creating a cascading effect to compliment the space. But why not experiment even further? Why should walls have all the fun and artistic expression – what about hanging art on windows, doors and bookshelves or perhaps propped up against a fireplace, furniture or wall?

We all know the “eye level” rule of thumb – but sometimes rules are meant to be broken and you have to just go with the space you have. So why not experiment with hanging art at a low level, perhaps either side of furniture or maybe up high to make a statement?


Like with pretty much everything in life, planning is the key to success. If tackling a difficult space with a cascading, grid or gallery effect, then be sure to trace the shapes and sizes put on paper first and use that to play around with designs and positions.

If attempting to prop up pictures or paintings, remember it must look intentional rather than you have forgotten to hang it. So think about placing some books on the floor or plants or ornaments around it, so it is part of a bigger display. Also propping up against a wall which already has art displayed will reduce the “forgot to hang” look.


This is especially important when hanging art in difficult to reach areas. Remember safety first – ask a friend or partner to secure ladders or to hold a painting in position so you can step back and see the impact and feel for yourself.


Gone are the days when art was just a painting or picture. Get creative by combining what you love with an unusual space that needs some TLC. You can group and pattern multiple pictures of varying size to create a bigger display to fit the shape – or you could even mirror hang art in corners with the sides touching to combat a tricky bare corner. Also mix and match until your heart’s content! If a space isn’t fit for a painting then think about hanging an object such as antlers, decorative mirror, flowers or fabric.

Art is to be celebrated and experimented with, so be bold and be brave but most of all enjoy.

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