Have you ever walked into a house or a room and either felt really comfortable or totally uneasy? It is strange isn’t it how a room can have such an emotive affect on us.

So is it dark forces at work? Well no, it is probably just the way the room is decorated, the furnishings or what is or isn’t hanging on the wall. These can change how we feel when we enter a room or a house – somehow as soon as you enter it either feels natural and right or forced and oh so wrong.

What can be done, I hear you say? No one wants people to feel on edge when they come to your home. How can you ensure your home reflects you and your personality, whilst still remaining tasteful and trendy?

Here are our top five art mistakes to avoid:

1. Too Bare or Too Hectic:

Whether you are going for a minimal ultra modern look or not, quite simply too many bare walls can look cold and void of feeling. In addition, art that is too small for a wall looks odd and out of place. Art is personal and therefore without any, a home can lack that personal touch and artistic stamp.

Likewise, artwork on every wall can make for a cluttered and hectic feel, almost like you don’t know what your personal stamp is. Art on every wall is meant for a gallery, a home is for displaying your personality and capturing your soul in canvas or print.

2.Look into My Eyes:

We really wonder how people can still get this wrong. The central point of a canvas or print should always be at eye level. Too many times we have seen wondrous art hung at ludicrous positions, which completely takes away from the artwork and also totally draws focus for all the wrong reasons.

Remember, art should compliment a room and what is around it. There is a fine line between subtly and overbearing. Too high, too low, too small or too large - the first rule of art is measure and plan or reap the hanging blues.

3.The Choice is Yours:

Art for art sake is a big no-no! You should never choose art because it fits or fills the space, matches the furniture or is the latest trend.

In fact, art should choose you! That is what makes it so awesome as often you have no idea why you love it, it simply just speaks to you. Ultimately whatever art you choose, should be because you love it. Remember art is an extension of you and your home, so make it your own style.

4. Colour Me Happy:

Establishing a theme is a good idea and can help to bring fluidity and consistency to your home, however there comes a time when too much, is in fact just too much.

Perhaps you have a pillar-box red, dogs or floral fixation, this is fine but think subtle and chic as apposed to “matchy matchy” everywhere you look. By overdoing a theme or colour you can actually dilute its desired affect.

Don’t take a colour theme too seriously, play around with different colours until you find a coordinated approach that doesn’t scream forced.

5. Art Doesn’t Have To Be Boring

Art isn’t just something to hang on the wall. Get creative and follow your heart. Try to avoid the same styles and effects in every room and try to think outside the box. If you hang a painting or print, don’t be scared to layer – if a lamp, vase or leaf partially covers it, don’t panic as it can actually add to the overall feel, as it becomes entwined with the room.

Also experiment with leaning art (we will have a blog on this coming soon) rather than just hanging. You could try using different style frames to add texture or creating a gallery effect of multiple images.

What if we told you art doesn’t have to just be paintings or prints? Love shoes, then hang shoes, love nature then find away to capture the outdoors on the walls or play around with fabrics or wall installations.

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