In a nutshell, yes! Don’t worry, that isn’t it, it would be a pretty non-existent blog post if we ended there.

Have you ever been to an art gallery and looked at what was on display and automatically felt either love, like, hate or don’t like for the painting or picture in front of you? Plus, you cannot really explain why.

Now of course, you wouldn’t purchase an art piece that made you feel dislike or hate. So lets just focus on the positive aspect and look a little deeper – art is extremely powerful and can have a significant affect on a persons mood, which is why it is so important to think about a piece and its placement in your home very carefully before hanging it.

Why does art positively affect mood?

Colour: Colour is extremely influential over our mood – we all know yellow is happy, red is anger and blue is intellect. It is no fluke that branding experts charge a fortune and spend months deliberating about colours, as the wrong colour can instantly change public perception. An empty wall or space in your home will come alive with the addition of some lively colour to transform it into a happy space that feels warm and comfortable.

Eye Of The Beholder: The wonderful thing about art is that it is completely subjective. You may be completely moved by a painting only for someone else to feel quite uncomfortable by it. When a connection is created this can lift our mood and make us feel happy – we feel understood by the artist and let into their world. A painting or picture can evoke memories of happy times or perhaps capture a feeling from the past, so every time you look at it, it makes you smile and light up.

Message: Art is a timeless form of communication - it can deliver a bold message from the artist, depicting their state of mind and details about the time, quite beautifully into the eyes and mind of the viewer. It is no surprise that art therapy is used for those struggling to express themselves – it gives them another outlet to show emotions locked within. If the artist was happy or moved in a positive way when creating, then it is likely that you as the viewer will tap into that positivity, even if you cannot define exactly the reason why.

If you want to include art in your home to lift your mood, then always consider colours that make you feel happy and images that provoke a positive emotional memory. But, what works for you may not work for someone else – so remember when it comes to art, the viewer is always right.