Spring has most definitely sprung, meaning we can swap around our wardrobes and start to feel more bright and breezy, as we head into the summer months.

We hear so much about the power of us undergoing a detox, so why should that not extend to where we live and where we spend most of our time? The home is most definitely where the heart is, and therefore everything in it can affect our mood, thoughts and overall vibe. With spring in the air, we give you 5 steps to detoxing your home space, to make you feel truly unstoppable.



A cluttered home leads to a cluttered mind, so they say. One of the best ways to detox your home space is to remove anything that is no longer wanted, needed or useful. Creating space by having a major clear out of clothes, furniture, magazines, trinkets and décor will lift and brighten a home instantly. Sell or give away anything that isn’t useful or beautiful, and see your mind become less cluttered too. You will notice a room become instantly lighter and brighter, in a room with less clutter.



You should most definitely incorporate nature both in the home and be respectful of it outside of the home. If you are thinking of changing around your furniture, fixtures or furnishings, then go for the environmentally friendly and low impact materials such as reclaimed wood, fast growing wood, linen, hemp or organic cotton and where possible include water efficient fittings, herb or veggie garden and LED lights. That way you get to feel good that you are doing your bit to help the environment, as well as giving a natural and fresh look to your home.



3. AIR

The fresher the better! A home needs fresh air not “air freshener”. Open the windows and get as much natural air in your home as possible, and where possible aim for natural cleaners and products so that the air is authentically fresh, not chemically fresh. Often the air inside a home can be more polluted than the outdoors. Also, why not bring some nature and greenery inside the home with some plants and flowers. Plants can filter the air and absorb toxins, so they are perfect to cleanse the air as well as looking beautiful and being perfect for that spring vibe.




The latest home trend is to have dedicated areas, rooms or places that are completely technology free. We live in such a connected world, which can mean we struggle to switch off. Our home and work spaces are certainly blended nowadays, so having dedicated cozy and comfy spaces in the home, where there are no electronic distractions makes for a stunning alternative and a place to truly relax. If a number of tech free space in the home isn’t possible, then at the very least the bedroom should be technology free, allowing you to get a good night sleep and naturally recharge. A great tip is if you have a home office space, make sure to add a cactus close by – these are proven to absorb radiations from all the electronics and freshen up the air. They also look cool.


Spring is a great time to have a rearrange of pictures and soft furnishings, and some simple changes can have a profound effect on the ambiance of the room. For art think nature, landscapes, beaches and images full of soft pastel colours. When detoxing the space, it is sometimes better to go for one large bold statement image on the wall rather than the clutter of lots of smaller images or having images on every wall – this will truly open the space. With home accessories, if you have too many, they can start to take over the space, so a minimal approach is perfect for spring – why not choose a favourite few items and showcase them on their own. Also, if you love candles then swap out to beeswax candles as they are better for the air and smell gorgeous. Another trend is using salt lights, these provide a stunning amber glow, and they also purify the air. With cushions or rugs, perhaps reduce to just a couple and make the patterns bright and breezy just like your new home look.

You will be surprised at how much lighter and brighter you feel after a home detox.

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