As Autumn and Winter emerges, so will rich and dramatic colours drawn from nature and luxe textures. Dark rose petals, agate gemstones and moody velvets are the backdrop for this luxurious palette.

While these tones provide a lot of drama, it’s important to add balance with soft pastels that soothe without detracting from the romance of the look.

Styling tip: It’s all about cosy layers, sumptuous rugs, plumped-up cushions and artwork that compliments your space.


Think wallpaper should go back to the eighties? Think again, it is re-emerging and having a powerful comeback.

It has moved away from its traditional routes and now packs some serious artistic punch. Art inspired wallpaper can showcase bold florals, cool shapes or patterns and can also experiment with different textures and layouts.

It really has that wow factor, and will create a lasting impact for any home.


It’s all in the lustrous details and iconic graphic embellishments that has us praising the return of the glamourous art deco profile.

While this style oozes luxury; it has a playful balance between being feminine in its sumptuous textiles and masculline in its graphics and symmetry.

Styling tip: It’s easy to be swept up by the flamboyance of this style, so avoid going overboard in your embellishments. Keep your space modern by using mixed materials like a touch of velvet, dark marbles and artwork framed in metallic gold.


Texture is a necessity in any well composed space. The desire to touch elements in an environment whilst simultaneously experiencing it is a victorious outcome for any interior designer. One go to textile that has stood the test of time and irresistible to all is velvet. Say hello to the new Urban Road 2017 A/W cushion. With a cleverly composed colour pallet, be inspired by the the softest fabric for your spaces available on our cushions page soon.


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