Move over Gen Z, it's all about the Grandmillennial décor style now!




Move over all you record-breaking Gen Z’ers: there’s a new concept in town, and it’s called Grandmillennial—
a décor style that incorporates ‘traditional’ elements and often looks ‘oldfashioned’.

It’s a brand-new take on how our Grandparents would’ve styled their houses, and if you’ve been following the interior design trends of late,  you’ll notice that there has been a massive increase of interest in this style.
Repurposing of older pieces of furniture, mixing old with new but modernising it with colours and personal style.


So, where did this name even come from you ask?
First coined all the way back in 2019 by Emma Bazalian for House Beautiful, this term has only risen in popularity since.
It’s for those that can appreciate the past and bring it in to today’s time, as well as a love for carefully styled clutter
and stepping away from white neutral rooms that you see everywhere.

So grab your floral tablecloths and coloured glassware, as we show you how you can achieve this style.






The great part about this trend and this style is that it almost rejects the norm of minimalism and cold, hard, modern aesthetics.
It’s all about letting someone see your personality through your home interior,
so you can get real creative with mixing and matching bright colours, frills, and patterns.

Achieve this look by adding in some older pieces of furniture to your space, soft furnishings,frills,or skirting,
floral or brightly patterned wallpaper, and dark timber pieces.

For wall art go for some floral wallpaper or art that gives a nod to a more nostalgic time.
But be careful, as to not just go out and copy what was in your grandparents’ room but to carefully select a few pieces that
you gravitate towards that bring you value that you can pair with more contemporary pieces.





Another plus with the Grandmillennial Style is that you can find re-used pieces to incorporate.
Furniture that has been passed down in your family, markets, and online re-sell sites.

A great place to start though if you’re not sure about decking out your whole space, is to dip your toe by experimenting with artwork.
Jazz up that wall with a funky flower piece, something eccentric or something elegant.

There are no set rules with this trend!
Here are a few of our picks that we think would work perfectly in a Grandmillennial home or space


Terracotta Petals Art Print 

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