Incorporate soft textures into your home with Japandi styling

Your home, office, or any other space you spend time in should be somewhere you can relax.

Even during or after a busy day at work, your surroundings should evoke a sense of calm,

letting you unwind and enjoy a little serenity by yourself, and when you’re gathered with loved ones.

If this sounds like something you’re into, look no further than the Japandi interior design style.


What is Japandi?

Japandi interiors take two of the most popular interior styles out there – Japanese and Scandinavian

– blending them into a dreamy infusion of complete and utter Zen. Think neutral shades,

appreciation for masterful craftsmanship, and love of minimalism.  

In a (peaceful) nutshell, these are the main elements you’ll find in Japandi styling:




Soft materials including wool, cottons, linen, and minimal tufted furnishings.

Remember to keep these neutral for the most soothing, cosy ambience


Glass, resin, rattan, bamboo, and concrete can be incorporated to

break things up and create some variation in texture.


Light and medium-toned wooden and stone pieces without any glossy surfaces

or glitzy trimmings make the best furniture for Japandi.


A simplified colour palette of cream, white and grey, with some black accents.


Every single piece has its place – thoughtfully placed, simple décor with little to no trinkets. 


Some colour can be introduced using indoor plants.



Simplicity is key when it comes to Japandi, where the purpose is to create a restful space,

focusing on tranquillity as well as functionality. This trend uses the best of both worlds, taking the clutter-free,

slightly rustic atmosphere from Japanese interiors, and combining that with Scandinavian’s focus on coziness

and comfort.

But which pieces work best for Japandi? How do you know which ones to choose to create this trend?

We’ve curated a range of pieces from premium art and décor, to homewares and furniture, so you can

bring some of that soothing Japandi energy into your own space with ease.



How to Style Japandi for Your Space

Coordinating the right pieces to create a Japandi interior is – much like this trend – very simple.

Just keep neutral, wood, soft, and minimalist in the forefront of your mind, as these four elements

are the foundation for this trend.


Plushness and Warmth 



This trend has an undertone of softness infused into each and every element.

Even if you incorporate some darker accent pieces, like one or two of our Onyx Black Boucle Cushions,

they should be smooth and simple in terms of texture, keeping with that soft feel. 


To tie into the Scandinavian side and its focus on comfort, opt for a Vanilla Cream Bean Bag Lounger

to kick back on and read a book or have a nap, with its soft and durable boucle fabric. A comfy throw

is also perfect to add a plush, warm feel, and if you want a touch of colour, this Seafoam Green Textured Throw

is just the right amount of soft, pale colour without going overboard.


Curves are also a prominent element in a Japandi-influenced space, but use them wisely.

A Vanilla Cream Boucle Ball Cushion suits this trend perfectly with its soft hand-feel and rounded shape,

styling easily on your bed, couch, or chairs. 



Shop more of our soft style favourites to bring that light and cosy feel to your space:

Soft Natural Textured Throw

Scandi Brown Flat Weave Wool Rug

Vanilla Milkshake Square Linen Cushion


Artworks and Prints


Despite Japandi centering around simplicity, you can still have fun with your art pieces.

This trend loves abstract art, but still opts for neutral, soft tones, with some black accents when necessary.

Basic subject matter is favoured here, so go for abstract pieces with minimalistic shapes and designs.

Our Matisse Inspired Collection in neutral tones is perfectly matched, which includes Infinite,

Roaming, Mazy Thoughts, Wholeness, and more.


You can also bring some texture to this trend using art. Choose some stripped-back pieces

with elements of texture to them, like hand-painted Take It Easy I and II, and the gorgeous

Costal Dunes with its raised paint and coarse strokes.  


If you’re missing some of those darker accents within your space, Japandi leaves room for hints of black

when they are softened with some accompanying neutral tones. As well as a small black vase or candle,

artworks such as Control Canvas, Priory, and Toned canvas art prints work perfectly to add some depth. 



Shop more of our abstract art favourites to warm things up a little:

Pastel Crush Canvas Art Print

Ovals I and II Canvas Art Print

The Balancing Act Hand Painted Canvas


Japandi Furniture and Décor 


Both light and medium coloured woods and stones are the way to go for Japandi styling.

It’s important to play around with tones to establish visual appeal and draw the eye across the room.

You still want your space to feel inviting and cosy, especially when friends and family pay you a visit,

and the softness of these lighter tones creates an airy feel.  


Both Scandinavian and Japanese interiors use light textures and tones to create that light, breezy feel,

which is why our Rainer Side Table is the perfect addition. It’s incredibly sleek with defined edges,

crafted from honed beige travertine marble. Set that off with the Aurelia Bookend in Marquina Black

to hold up your favourite reads on your bookshelf, which is a subtle accessory with

dark features to finish off the look.


As mentioned, curves can seamlessly blend into Japandi spaces, and just one element is more than enough.

Crafted from honed travertine marble, the Arlo Nesting Coffee Table not only brings some softened curvature

but also texture and layers with its two-tiered design.



Shop more of our furniture and décor favourites to round out the look:

Elias Marble Tray in Beige Travertine

Silas Side Table

Archer Side Table Set


Get everything you need to create the perfectly balanced space 

Shop on-trend art prints, fine art, and premium home accessories today.