Who are Perth Style Co and what do you do? 

Perth Style Co. is a premium property styling business that develop strategic and effective design concepts for properties about to hit the market. We utilise our own collection of individual, contemporary furniture, to create concepts that are inspired by clean, sleek lines and the latest colour trends to stay at the forefront of our industry.
Our core services include luxury real estate styling & staging, which is our signature product that we are known for, and move-in furniture packages which are a complete turn-key solution for serviced apartments, investment properties, or display units.

Describe Perth Style Co in three words


Can you tell us a little bit about the Perth Style Co aesthetic?  

All of our design concepts aim to bring opulence and style to every property we work with. We use this technique in order to up-scale properties in hope to draw attention to the home, drive enquiry and a faster result for both the agent and client.  

Talk us through what a 'typical' job looks like for you? What steps/stages are there? 

1. Check it out – Introduced by our existing agent relationships or a direct client referral, we visit the property, assess the local demographic, market conditions, measure up and prepare a proposal for the project. 
2. Get Creative! – Upon approval, next is the planning and creative stage. This is where we get inspired, map out our styling concepts and allocate stock.
3. Locked & Loaded – Next, our muscle men pack and load the truck ready for delivery.
4. Game Day! – Then it’s game day where we have all hands on deck to install the property within the day and get is camera ready for our professional photographer. The property is then taken to market within the next 24 hours.



What’s your favourite part of the design process? 

We love the creative design process but it has to be the finished product! It’s so amazing to see a property totally transform from a vacant home to a desirable space, fitted out to look its absolute best!

Where do you draw your inspiration from? 

All over the world! We are always looking for inspiration in everything we do and follow evolving styles closely to ensure we are up to date with what is trending.  We look online, in magazines, blogs and even to different industries to find new ways that we can evolve our business and products.

When choosing an artwork for your space, what do you consider? 

Choosing the right artwork frames our entire look and feel so we think it is the most important decision! We always stay true to the home’s build and aesthetics of the property, but take into consideration the target market, buyer demographic and what piece would inject the right energy into the home.

Best styling tip? 

Keep the flow cohesive – it’s so important that people feel an emotional connection with the home and this can be easily achieved through consistency.  

Any upcoming trends we should keep our eyes peeled for? 

As we change seasons, we think you can expect to see a shift into warmer tones with a heavy use of camel, burgundy, terracotta and apricot.