While we might already be one month into the New Year, it's never too late to stop and really hone in on what your goals and dreams are for the year. Here at Urban Road, we're massive believers in dreaming big, and we also want you to have happy, healthy spaces to dream in. You don't have to be a scientist to realise that most of life's dreaming happens in the bedroom (duh!), so it's no surprise that when your sleep space is drab and underwhelming, you're unwittingly cramping inspiration and motivation. Bad times! So, it's high time we highlight for you the importance of a good bedroom sprucing, particularly at this time of the year, when you can shake off the dust of the year just gone and make way for dreams-and-goals-aplenty in the year to come.

We're going to walk you through three of our favourite styles of the moment and help you to consider how to choose the perfect look and artwork for your bedroom - the most personal and intimate space in your home.


If you work in a high-stress environment or find yourself craving a place of calm and relaxation on the daily, then a tranquil bedroom space is just what the doctor ordered. Think cool, calming blue and green tones, and soft, dreamy linens. Make sure you really consider balance within the room but don’t go overboard with contrasting elements. Stick with an analogous colour palette (analogous is just a fancy-schmancy word that means three colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel). Work hard at clearing all the clutter from bedside tables and dressers. Adopt a minimalistic mindset and only keep a small amount of beautiful, useful, or necessary items on display.


In terms of choosing artwork, photographs of natural landscapes, soft watercoloured abstracts, and artwork that references the ocean is perfect for this peaceful bedroom style. Choosing one, large feature artwork to sit above the bed is a great way to make sure you don’t have lots of elements competing for your attention, which can often be overwhelming and stressful on the eyes.



Perfect for all of you hopeless romantics, and really anyone with a flair for drama, this style is perfect for injecting a touch of elegance into your bedroom. The romantic style lends itself to a really rich, warm colour palette, but don’t be afraid to add complementary jewel-toned accents to add some more Va Va Voom. In terms of textures, the heavier the better. Layer up rich velvet throws with heavy cotton or wool bedding, some large, overstuffed velvet cushions and maybe even some leatherette features here and there – our ‘Glamour Leatherette’ would be perfect. Throw in some gold or brass highlights for trinkets or fixtures and buy yourself some fresh flowers every week. You know, for “the aesthetic”.


When it comes to choosing the right artwork, any soft, feminine, floral subject matter fits the brief perfectly. Stick with rose-y pink tones but try not to venture too far into the realm of red. Too much red in your artwork will overpower the space, and instead of soft romance, could end up portraying harsh, angry vibes – yikes! Pairing up two similar or matching artworks above the bed is a great way to play up the romantic theme by subtly referencing a “his and hers” scenario. Our Patricia Mendes x Urban Road artworks from the RHAPSODY collection are perfect for amping up the romance. If you prefer florals, we’ve got some beautiful options in our ILLUSION collection, or you could try our poster range for a more affordable option. 



Who wouldn’t want their bedroom to look like a beachside getaway 24/7? Coastal styling is a beautiful fusion of casual, relaxed charm and a healthy love for the ocean. With this trend it’s ok to have a bit more eclectic freedom but try to steer clear from anything too rich or stark in colour. Go ahead and layer up those timber elements, or if you’re feeling particularly inspired, you can even dip your toes into the world of lime washing. Woven textures feature heavily in the coastal trend – whether it’s macramé, rattan, or light woollen throws. Keep your linens fresh and light, and instead play up the subtle eclecticism with quirky, sea-themed wall sculptures or antiques, and explore the realm of decorative trinkets. Keep the look clean and simple but really limiting your colour palette to white, beige and light blue, but if you want to add more depth, you can ground your palette with deep blues and greys. Oh, and indoor plants? They’re practically a necessity.


For coastal-themed artwork, you really can’t go past a good old beachscape for a large, feature artwork. If you have a fair amount of wall space free in your bedroom, why not try your hand at a mini gallery wall? Mix up a range of posters with coral, tropical and botanical references, and maybe even a bird or two. When creating a gallery wall, it can be a good idea to choose the majority of artworks with a fair amount of white space in them, and then choose maybe one or two pieces to bring some colour focus to the gallery, and to tie in the palette to the rest of the room. 

So, that’s it – our top bedroom trends of the minute! We hope we’ve helped you to sort through some of the key elements of each style, and provoked a desire to bring some newness to your bedroom space. You can shop some of our favourite artworks for the bedroom here

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